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Selected Group Exhibition
at Austrian Embassy Bangkok, Thailand
20 Jan. 2022


Curated by

Somrak Sila

It was my honour to be invited to curate a show for a very special occasion at Austrian Embassy Bangkok for the event "Diplomacy meets Art, Artists meet Ambassadors" and a book- launch “The Piano Teacher” of Austrian Nobel prize winner Elfriede Jelinek (2004) in Thai language at the annual Bangkok Book Festival 2021 (held virtually) as well as a farewell event for Ambassador Dr. Eva Hager who has seen contemporary art as a vital force to change the society. Thanks to all seven Thai artists who agree to be a part of this ad hoc show.

Thanks Nat Settana and P Pooh Penwadee and Lex le Boeuf for endless helps and guides and advices.

Text : Somrak Sila 

The paintings were inspired by the people most affected by the current autocratic administration, in particular those who struggle to access public resources. The artist was deeply disturbed by the attitudes of those in power (obtained through corruption) regarding the various crises that are facing the country, with no regards to their responsibilities or accountability. Her works have been widely distributed online, only to end up another silenced attempt at defiance, swept away by those too afraid that the works ‘don’t contribute positive morale to society’



130 x 100 cm

Oil on Canvas

Collection of Mit Jai Inn

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