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A Solo Exhibition
at Cartel ArtSpace Bangkok, Thailand
15 Nov. - 5 Dec. 2021


Curated by

Ploy Charoenpol

Special Thanks

Mit Jai Inn
Kittima Chareeprasit

It is an indisputable fact that the tumultuous clash of ideals at the center of Thai politics has been raging on forever. Champions of democracy through the ages have passed on a burning desire and determination, all for the common goal of achieving true democracy in Thailand at last, with fervent hopes that the people and society can finally get the benefits they ‘deserve’.

The battle of beliefs that has defined Thai politics continues to march forward with time. The diminished hopes that waned with the countless coups are fanned into a blaze once again by today’s youth. The questions that dispel the narrative of mainstream history, giving rise to the stories of people whom history has attempted to bury. The ‘Poetry of Dead. we are all alone...when ghosts found us.’ exhibition is another attempt by the young to have their voices heard, telling the historic tales of political struggles by people who had nothing more than their two bare hands and a heart filled with ideals through the paintings of Pare Patcharapa Inchang.

The paintings shown as part of this exhibition were inspired by the people most affected by the current autocratic administration, in particular those who struggle to access public resources. The artist was deeply disturbed by the attitudes of those in power (obtained through corruption) regarding the various crises that are facing the country, with no regards to their responsibilities or accountability. Her works have been widely distributed online, only to end up another silenced attempt at defiance, swept away by those too afraid that the works ‘don’t contribute positive morale to society’.

The ‘Poetry of Dead. we are all alone...when ghosts found us.’ exhibition is a response that attempted silencing, by collecting all of her works that were created amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, as the country suffers in the hands of a pretender government. The artist hopes to be another voice in the call for freedom, for the right to peaceful protest that the arrested protest leaders and political activists are entitled to, through a performative painting titled ‘Star Locket’, painted on a 3x2m canvas the artist based on the size of the prison cells used to detain the political prisoners. The artist will be at the exhibition space every day until this painting has been completed, creating works of defiance within this confined space, proving that no physical boundaries can shackle our ideals.

Pare Patcharapa is a graphic designer and political activist for Women’s Rights, as well as Democracy in contemporary society. She is based in Chiang Mai, where she has lived, worked, and practiced yoga for the past 12 years.

The ‘Poetry of Dead. we are all alone...when ghosts found us.’ exhibition will be open from the 15th of November – 5th of December, 2021, between 1 - 6 PM (except on Tuesdays).

The exhibition will be open until Midnight for the Gallery Night event between 26 - 27 of November.

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